DotCom Secrets Series Episode 1

Your success guide to a powerfully profitable online business.

A teaching on the USA Today Best Selling Book DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Chapter 1 of Russell Brunsons book DotCom Secrets, “The Secret Formula” immediately separates him from other Internet Marketing Guru’s who promise online success and leave you frustrated by empty promises that simply do not deliver.  As Russell states in the beginning of DotCom Secrets, this book is NOT about getting more traffic to your offer or website, but the information Russell Brunson shares in his book will help you get enormously more traffic than you’ve ever had.  DotCom Secrets is NOT about increasing conversions but the inside information in this book will drastically increase conversions beyond any split test or alteration you might make. So what is DotCom Secrets all about? Great Question. DotCom Secrets lays the foundation for success in any business and provides all the hidden mysteries needed to excel in today’s ever-changing online marketplace.


DotCom Secrets Secret Formula

In the first chapter of DotCom Secrets “The Secret Formula,” Russell Brunson reveals the formula to take your business beyond the next level. The formula that Russell Brunson reveals In this book is the importance of answering 4 questions about your business to achieve great success. So, what is the DotCom Secrets Secret Formula? What are the 4 questions I need to know in order to take your business beyond the next level?

#1 Who is your dream client?  So many businesses start out by trying to bring in every new customer they can. This can create a lot of activity in the beginning, but many times creates a lot of non-rewarding activity as time goes on. You see not every customer or client understands the passion that launched you into business in the first place nor do they have the ability to value what you could provide them if you had that opportunity. How would it impact your life if every customer or client was your dream customer, a customer that was willing to pay for your highest level of service because they valued your passion and talents, a customer that pulls your very best from you and motivates you to push to the highest level of service to provide the value that your customers are seeking? Wow how would that impact your passion, your life, your business?

You have to take some time and identify the attributes of this dream customer for your business.

#2 Where can you find your dream client? Russell Brunson then asks the question in his book. Once you have identified your dream client how do you find them? Where do they hangout online? What website or online forums will they be visiting? Russell Brunson shows you how to answer this question in DotCom Secrets.

#3 What bait will you use to attract them? Ok now that you have the answers to the first 2 questions Russell Brunson identifies in the first chapter of DotCom Secrets, what do you use to attract them, how do you get them to come to you? Russell Brunson answers this question as well in his book.

#4 What results do you want to give them? Now that you have identified your dream customer and you have found them and created the perfect bait to bring them in. What’s next? In DotCom Secrets, Russell Brunson identifies that business is not about a product or service, it is about the results you can provide to your clients. This question you have to answer for your business.



Russell Brunsons, DotCom Secrets, Secret Formula consist of answering 4 vital questions.

  1. Who are your dream clients? (You must answer).
  2. Where can you find them? (Russell Brunson answers this in his book DotCom Secrets).
  3. What bait will you use to attract them? (Russell Brunson answers this in his book DotCom Secrets).
  4. What results do you want to give them? (You must answer this one as well).

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Chapter 2 Comming Soon…

In Chapter 2 of DotCom Secrets “The Value Lader,” we will discuss what Russell states is a step you cannot skip if you want to succeed in any business. Stay tuned and follow my faceBook page  to get notified when we air our live broadcast of Chapter 2 “The Value Lader. Please comment down below or ask any questions you would like answered by clicking this link Contact and remember we are making this book available to you for FREE you pay only the shipping. So click on the image above and get your FREE copy today and we can go through DotCom Secrets together.